• What is a smokejumper?
  • When did smokejumping begin?
  • Which countries use smokejumpers?
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The idea of smokejumping was first proposed in which year?

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  • Who's on Mount Rushmore?
  • Which artists sculpted Mount Rushmore?
  • How long did it take to sculpt Mount Rushmore?
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Which of the following presidents is NOT on Mount Rushmore?

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  • Why is a dog man's best friend?
  • Who coined the phrase "a dog is a man's best friend"?
  • What qualities do dogs possess that make them such good friends?
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Dogs share 99% of their DNA with which other animal?

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  • How are fountain drinks different from bottled drinks?
  • How long have soda fountains been around?
  • What ingredients do soda fountains mix together to create soda?
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When carbon dioxide dissolves in water, some of it reacts with water to form what?

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  • Who was Pocahontas?
  • What names did Pocahontas go by during her lifetime?
  • With which colonial settlement was Pocahontas closely associated?
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One enduring legend associated with Pocahontas holds that she saved the life of which English settler?

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  • Have you ever worn a sombrero?
  • Why is the sombrero shaped like it is?
  • When was the sombrero developed?
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Sombreros are most often associated with the culture of which country?

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  • What's so funny about laughing gas?
  • What is nitrous oxide?
  • How does nitrous oxide make you feel?
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In what year was nitrous oxide discovered?

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This back to school blog post is for the teachers of my little sister, Charlotte. On August 31st, she will start kindergarten. Since I won't be at the school where Charlotte is going, I thought I would write a list of "Char-isms" for her teachers, in case they need help while I am not there because let's face it, she IS sort of a handful. Hehehehehe!

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  • who invented the first food and how
    emma waldbillig
  • What is a soufflé?
    Lilia Vazquez
  • how fast does light travel?
    Lilia Vazquez
  • What is a CEO, and what do they do?
    Lilia Vazquez
  • What does dog mean
    Ryleigh Rife
  • which is the richest continent
    T Clay
  • What is spapicogist germ
    Ruth Goldstein
  • When did pocahontus born?
    Gwyneth Konate
  • What Came First The Chicken Or The Egg?
    Vivien Palacios
  • When Does The Universe End?
    Vivien Palacios
  • how do magnets work?
    Year 1/2 class Year 1/2 Class
  • orphan trains is usa in the early 1900's
    noah pietraroia
  • What happens when baking soda and vinegar mix
    Kiki Bee
  • Is there a fobia of losing your phone
    Axel Romero
  • how were swear words made
    noah pietraroia
  • What Does The U.S Mint do when they mess up on dollar bills?
    Cole Kinnan
  • do dogs and humans have the same blood
    Chloe Brim
  • Tips for writing my own song
    Stella Christiansen
  • How do you stop from losing things?
    Anya Harvey
  • whats the best positions in football
    Drew Conroy
  • How dose glue stay in the bottle without geting hard
    Andrew Pokornik
  • How do you make a candy factory?
    Kaitlyn Wagoner
  • How do you get to the top of your sport without spending a fortune?
    Violet Vacker
  • how was the first Iphone invented
    ballet954@ DDdancer123!
  • What are producers and concumers?
    Kaitlyn Wagoner
  • was the civil rights movement very deadly
    emily DeBord
  • Why are we in this world
    defaf alharbi
  • Why do we have public schools
    Michelle George
  • who invented music
    Aiyana Abaya
  • Why can water only hold a certain amount of salt?
    Sasha Godfrey
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    What will school be like in the future?

    Meghan Pohl

  • +4301

    How do you get into a bad habit?

    Aeden DeGraw

  • +4066

    how was water created


  • +3430

    Why does at low atomic pressure water boils faster?

    pradyumna behera

  • +3314

    Why did dinosaurs become extinct

    Adela Campello

  • +2738

    Can you mix water and air completly?

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Are You a Good Observer?

Have you ever had a friend claim that he can't see the forest for the trees? If so, you may have WONDERed what this curious phrase means. If you can see the trees, how can you not see the forest?

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How Can Spare Change Make a Big Difference?

Many children are already involved in fundraising through their schools, scouts and churches, but bringing philanthropy into the home makes giving back to your community a whole-family effort.

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