Wonder #2861: Who Invented the Super Soaker?

Question 1 of 3

What was the original name under which the Super Soaker was sold?

  1. Power Drencher
  2. Ultra Sprayer
  3. Mega Blaster
  4. Aqua Attacker

Question 2 of 3

What was Lonnie Johnson’s entry in the science fair that won him first place?

  1. a type of all-ceramic battery
  2. the Super Soaker
  3. a robot named Linex
  4. a refrigeration system

Question 3 of 3

How did Lonnie Johnson get the idea for the Super Soaker?

  1. while repairing a home appliance with his father
  2. during an engineering class at Tuskegee University
  3. when designing a nuclear power source for a spacecraft
  4. when an experiment at his home caused water to spray across the room

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