Wonder #2879: Where Is North Sentinel Island?

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This Wonder is mainly about . . .

  1. an overview of all the known uncontacted tribes in the world
  2. the known history and practices of the Sentinelese, an uncontacted tribe
  3. the geography of the Andaman Islands
  4. the accuracy of India’s census result over past 50 years

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What type of society is the Sentinelese tribe?

  1. pastoral
  2. agricultural
  3. industrial
  4. hunter gatherer

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How do experts believe the Sentinelese create their fires?

  1. use the flames created by lightning strikes and carefully tend them
  2. striking rocks together to create sparks
  3. quickly rubbing pieces wood together
  4. using steel and flint fire starting kits left on the island by visitors

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