Wonder #2886: Would You Want an Electric Car?

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What is the difference between an EV (electric vehicle) and a hybrid vehicle?

  1. EVs have a manual transmission while hybrids have an automatic transmission
  2. EVs rely on electricity alone for power while hybrids use a mixture of gas and electricity
  3. EVs use oil while hybrids do not
  4. EVs have a much larger driving range than hybrids

Question 2 of 3

Why do drivers need to adjust the way they use the accelerator when driving an EV?

  1. the location of the accelerator in an EV is different from from gas-powered vehicles
  2. EVs require more physical pressure on the accelerator in order to function
  3. EVs apply full power as soon as the driver hits the accelerator and this may help them speed up faster than gas-powered vehicles
  4. EVs accelerate at a much lower rate than gas-powered vehicles

Question 3 of 3

According to today’s Wonder, which of the following is NOT a potential drawback of EVs?

  1. EVs have a lower range than most gas-powered vehicles
  2. there are fewer charging stations for EVs in many areas
  3. replacing the battery can be expensive
  4. EVs have a higher center of gravity than most gas-powered vehicles

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