WONDER #1048: Is the Five-Second Rule Really True?

Question 1 of 3

According to the five-second rule, it’s still safe to eat food that has been dropped on the floor as long as you do what?

  1. pick it up and eat it within five seconds of being dropped
  2. turn around in a circle five times first
  3. microwave the food for five seconds before eating it
  4. let the food sit on the floor for five seconds before picking it up

Question 2 of 3

Food dropped on the floor can be dangerous to eat if it picks up what?

  1. E. coli
  2. salmonella
  3. hepatitis
  4. all of the above

Question 3 of 3

What should you do if your food falls to the floor?

  1. Pick it up immediately, and eat it.
  2. Pick it up after 5 seconds, and eat it.
  3. Pick it up, and throw it in the trash.
  4. Do nothing, and let the dog eat it.

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