WONDER #1069: How Do Bulletproof Vests Work?

Question 1 of 3

DuPont first developed what bullet-resistant fiber in 1965?

  1. Fortran
  2. Bulletran
  3. Flexweb
  4. Kevlar

Question 2 of 3

This Wonder was mostly about...

  1. all of the important uses of Kevlar.
  2. why all people should wear bulletproof vests when they can.
  3. types of careers in which people wear uniforms.
  4. how bulletproof vests work and what types of materials they are made of.

Question 3 of 3

Bulletproof vests work in a similar way to how ___________________ do, according to this Wonder.

  1. bouncy balls
  2. zippers
  3. soccer nets
  4. steel doors

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