WONDER #1292: How Did Earth Begin?

Question 1 of 3

Scientists believe Earth formed about how long ago?

  1. 27 years
  2. 4.6 billion years
  3. 3 million years
  4. 20 trillion years

Question 2 of 3

Early in the process of its formation, a planetesimal the size of Mars hit Earth, causing what?

  1. a big chunk of Earth to be knocked into space, becoming our Moon
  2. the angle of Earth’s tilt to be changed to its current orientation
  3. Pangaea to break apart
  4. both (A) and (B)

Question 3 of 3

Larger chunks of rock that eventually formed into the planets of our solar system are known as what?

  1. big rocks
  2. planetesimals
  3. baby planets
  4. planetudes

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