WONDER #2320: What is Aboriginal Dot Painting?

Question 1 of 3

Many Aboriginal dot paintings are centered on the Aboriginal practice of ______________________.

  1. Dreaming
  2. Sleeping
  3. Sewing
  4. Language

Question 2 of 3

This Wonder was mostly about...

  1. why Europeans came to Australia.
  2. how much we love Aboriginal dot painting.
  3. how different the languages of Aboriginal people were before the arrival of Europeans.
  4. the Aboriginal practice of Dreaming and the beginning of Aboriginal dot painting.

Question 3 of 3

Why did Europeans want Aboriginal people to move to Papunya?

  1. Aboriginal people needed a new place to live.
  2. They wanted the Aboriginal people to become part of European culture.
  3. Europeans wanted Aboriginal people to create art.
  4. They believed the desert was too dangerous.

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