WONDER #2331: How Do You Make an App?

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This Wonder is mostly about...

  1. how to learn Python, Java, and Ruby.
  2. the most successful app developers.
  3. what apps are and how we can make them.
  4. how to download apps onto your device.

Question 2 of 3

To build an app, you need to learn a programming __________________.

  1. method
  2. language
  3. image
  4. application

Question 3 of 3

Why should you choose an app idea based on your interests?

  1. It will make you put more effort into it and make building the app more fun.
  2. You will be the only person to ever use the app, so it should be something you’re interested in.
  3. Since apps only provide entertainment, they should be based on your interests.
  4. You should not choose an app idea based on your interests.

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