WONDER #2335: What is a Quotient?

Question 1 of 3

The result of dividing one number by another is called a ________________.

  1. sum
  2. quotient
  3. product
  4. difference

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What is the main idea of this Wonder?

  1. Math isn’t used often outside of school.
  2. Division is hard.
  3. Division is used often in real life, and there are strategies that make division easier.
  4. Long division has a lot of rules, so you should make up a poem or song to help you remember them.

Question 3 of 3

What is a remainder?

  1. The result of adding two numbers together
  2. Any amount that’s left over after you’ve divided a number as equally as you can
  3. The result of multiplying two numbers
  4. The number of groups you divide an original number into

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