WONDER #2349: Why is Greenland Icy and Iceland Green?

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What was the main idea of this Wonder?

  1. The Vikings were a seafaring people who raided and conquered many lands before vanishing completely.
  2. The Vikings named Iceland and Greenland based on what the land looked like when they arrived, and the climate of both places has changed over time.
  3. Greenland and Iceland are both flourishing countries with deep roots and vibrant cultures.
  4. The “Little Ice Age” threatened life in Greenland.

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What caused Erik the Red to give Greenland its name?

  1. He wanted to give it a name that would encourage people to move there.
  2. No part of the island was icy when he arrived.
  3. He landed in a region that was not covered in ice, so it had plenty of green plant life.
  4. Both a and c

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Cold water from Greenland’s melting ice is slowing the _________________.

  1. El Niño
  2. Gulf Stream
  3. Sea Travel
  4. Little Ice Age

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