WONDER #2417: What Causes a Sore Throat?

Question 1 of 3

Which of the following is NOT a common cause of sore throat, according to this Wonder?

  1. A headache
  2. Swollen tonsils
  3. A cold
  4. Allergies

Question 2 of 3

Which is the BEST evidence that children are more likely to have a sore throat than adults are?

  1. “Often, people get laryngitis by overusing their vocal cords.”
  2. “You might end up with a sore throat after breathing air that is very dry or polluted.”
  3. “One thing many illnesses have in common is that they cause a sore throat.”
  4. “People between five and fifteen years old suffer from sore throats more often than other age groups.”

Question 3 of 3

What was the main idea of this Wonder?

  1. Singers are likely to suffer from laryngitis.
  2. People should see a doctor each time they have a sore throat.
  3. Sore throats have many causes and are usually easily treated.
  4. A good way to cure a sore throat is to gargle warm salt water.

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