WONDER #2423: What are Bird Song Mnemonics?

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What are bird song mnemonics?

  1. A secret list of ways to identify birds.
  2. A set of phrases that bird watchers memorize to help them identify birds based on their songs.
  3. Words that speaking birds, like parrots, tend to repeat over and over until they remember them.
  4. A sentence you can remember to correctly solve a math problem.

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How are bird song mnemonics helpful to bird watchers?

  1. Bird song mnemonics give bird watchers something to talk about while waiting for birds to show up.
  2. It’s a way for them to remember which trees birds are most likely to live in.
  3. They make it easier for bird watchers to blend in with the birds.
  4. Using mnemonics, bird watchers can identify a bird without seeing it.

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Mnemonics is a system that helps with _______________.

  1. only math
  2. writing
  3. memorization
  4. conversation

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