WONDER #2425: What is a Recession?

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This Wonder was mostly about...

  1. what caused the Great Depression.
  2. what a recession is and how to prepare for one.
  3. who to blame for a recession.
  4. the difference between a recession and a depression.

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What is gross domestic product (GDP)?

  1. The average income of people living in a country.
  2. The amount of money a country spends on its military.
  3. The total value of a country’s goods and services.
  4. How much money is paid to workers each year.

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Which is the best evidence that recessions are more common than many might think?

  1. “Some economists try to predict when a recession will happen.”
  2. “The Great Recession of 2008 lasted 18 months.”
  3. “When GDP falls, it’s a good sign that a recession is happening.”
  4. “Since the Great Depression, America has experienced 13 recessions.”

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