WONDER #2461: How Does a Monowheel Work?

Question 1 of 3

Which of the following is NOT part of a monowheel, according to this Wonder?

  1. Rear window
  2. Inner frame
  3. Outer frame
  4. Brakes

Question 2 of 3

When the inner and outer frames lock, causing the monowheel to spin around, it’s called ___________________.

  1. merry-go-round
  2. orbiting
  3. upside downing
  4. gerbiling

Question 3 of 3

This Wonder was mostly about...

  1. how to build a monowheel of your own.
  2. the parts of a monowheel and how the vehicle works.
  3. why people will drive monowheels instead of cars in the future.
  4. the many ways to travel, including cars and motorcycles.

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