WONDER #2514: What is the Butterfly Effect?

Question 1 of 3

This Wonder was mostly about...

  1. a summary of the movie “The Butterfly Effect.”
  2. how Edward Lorenz changed the study of weather forever with just one question.
  3. how dangerous but fun time travel can be.
  4. what the butterfly effect is and examples of how the idea is applied.

Question 2 of 3

The butterfly effect explains how small changes and actions can lead to ______________________.

  1. tornadoes
  2. unpredictable results
  3. calamity
  4. saving the world

Question 3 of 3

The butterfly effect is a common idea in which kind of books, movies, and TV shows today?

  1. nonfiction
  2. science fiction
  3. documentary
  4. autobiography

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