WONDER #2561: What is a Yeti Crab?

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Why do some people say Yeti crabs “farm” their food?

  1. They grow bacteria in their arm hairs and later harvest them to eat.
  2. They plant seeds on the seafloor and eat the vegetables that grow there.
  3. People do not say that Yeti crabs “farm” their food.
  4. The Yeti crabs have been seen growing many plants in warm water vents.

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What was the main idea of this Wonder?

  1. Many people search for the Yeti in mountains, but it’s actually a marine animal.
  2. Yeti crabs live on the seafloor as far south as Antarctica.
  3. Scientists should continue looking for more species of Yeti crabs.
  4. The Yeti crab represents a new family of crabs that have hairy arms and live in the deep sea.

Question 3 of 3

The Yeti crab’s scientific name is...

  1. Kiwaidae
  2. Kiwa hirsuta
  3. Yeti shellfish
  4. Hairy lobster

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