Wonder #2815: Who Was Roberto Clemente?

Question 1 of 3

Which major league baseball team did Roberto Clemente first play for?

  1. Chicago Golden Gloves
  2. Baltimore Orioles
  3. Santurce Crabbers
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates

Question 2 of 3

According to this Wonder, what was Roberto Clemente’s Dream?

  1. the start a “Sports City” in Puerto Rico, a place where children were offered coaching and encouragement in a variety of sports
  2. to conduct humanitarian missions to aid earthquake impacted countries
  3. to own and manage his own baseball league
  4. to win the most consecutive Golden Gloves awards

Question 3 of 3

This Wonder was mainly about . . .

  1. humanitarian efforts in the aftermath of an earthquake in Nicaragua
  2. the athletic and humanitarian achievements of Roberto Clemente
  3. a history of Major League Baseball’s Most Valuable Players
  4. how batting averages are measured in professional baseball

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