WONDER #283: What Is a Cannonball?

Question 1 of 3

The goal of a cannonball dive is to hit the water with your body shaped as much like a what as possible?

  1. sphere
  2. triangle
  3. square
  4. frog

Question 2 of 3

When doing a cannonball dive, the more like a cannonball you are, the bigger your what will be?

  1. rash
  2. pain
  3. splash
  4. head

Question 3 of 3

When it comes to cannonball dives, scientists say that the keys to big splashes are the size of the object, the weight of the object, and what?

  1. the height of the diving board
  2. the depth of the lake
  3. the temperature of the water
  4. the speed of impact

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