Wonder #2839: Can Dogs Talk?

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This Wonder is mainly about . . .

  1. a dog named Stella and how she communicates with her owner
  2. how dogs can use their sounds and body movements to communicate with humans
  3. the different kinds of tail wags and what they mean
  4. the evolution of dogs from wolves to their current state

Question 2 of 3

What is body language?

  1. a type of game that dogs like to play
  2. a state of heightened emotion
  3. a scientific study of how dogs move
  4. any body movements or positions that express inner thoughts or feelings

Question 3 of 3

A speech therapist, Christina Hunger, and her dog Stella use a set of recordable buttons to communicate. This system of communication is a tool included in . . .

  1. augmentative and alternative communication
  2. communication and speech technology
  3. recording and playback communication
  4. human to canine adaptation

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