Wonder #2889: What Causes Dwarfism?

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This Wonder is mostly about . . .

  1. why people are of different heights.
  2. why people have dwarfism.
  3. the types of dwarfism and the ways we can support people of short stature.
  4. how dwarfism is diagnosed.

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What causes dwarfism?

  1. There are a lot of reasons someone might be a person of short stature, including genetics and medical conditions.
  2. We don’t really know what causes dwarfism.
  3. All forms of dwarfism are caused by genes.
  4. Dwarfism is always caused by missing hormones.

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What is the main way people are classified as exhibiting dwarfism?

  1. They have a genetic marker.
  2. Their head and/or limbs appear to not fit with the rest of their body.
  3. A doctor sees something on an X-ray.
  4. They are a full-grown adult not taller than four feet, ten inches.

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