WONDER #2928: Who Was the First Female and American Indian Engineer?

Question 1 of 3

Which statement about Mary Golda Ross is a fact? She was a member of the . . .

  1. Shawnee tribe
  2. Iroquois tribe
  3. Choctaw tribe
  4. Cherokee tribe

Question 2 of 3

Mary Golda Ross started working at Lockheed because . . .

  1. World War II created job openings.
  2. Women were given the right to work by popular vote.
  3. The aerospace industry suddenly valued the work of American Indians.
  4. She wanted to fly fighter planes during the war.

Question 3 of 3

What does the phrase Skunk Works mean?

  1. A production building in a town that smelled bad.
  2. A production building that was infested with skunks.
  3. A place where stuffed skunks were produced.
  4. The nickname of a secret engineering program.

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