WONDER #2937: Why Is Ocean Water Salty?

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What lesson can be learned from studying ocean water?

  1. The ancient mariner was surrounded by water, yet unable to drink.
  2. Ocean water is salty because of dissolved minerals in runoff, hydrothermal vents, and underwater volcanoes.
  3. As water evaporates from salt lakes, they become even saltier.
  4. Salt is made of sodium and chloride.

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Based on information from the Wonder, what is desalination?

  1. The process of adding salt to water.
  2. The process of closing hydrothermal vents.
  3. The process of harnessing the energy from underwater volcanic eruptions.
  4. The process of removing salt from water.

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How do we know that rainwater eats away at rocks and soil?

  1. Rainwater replenishes lakes and rivers.
  2. Rain is part of the water cycle.
  3. Rainwater is mildly acidic.
  4. Soft drinks eat away at enamel on teeth

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