WONDER #2960 : Does Music Help You With Math?

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What evidence shows that learning music is good for your brain?

  1. Notes are organized by length. For example, usually a note that sounds for four beats is a whole note.
  2. As we move from low notes to high notes, certain notes sound better together than others.
  3. The top number in the time signature tells the musician how many beats are in each measure, or part, of the line of music.
  4. Musicians need to use their brains to see the music, hear the notes, and touch the instrument in just the right ways to make sounds.

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What is a synonym for the word note?

  1. Steady beat
  2. Sound
  3. Tempo
  4. Time signature

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Based on information from the Wonder, does music help us learn math?

  1. Scientists are not sure yet.
  2. Yes, because students who play instruments tend to do better on math tests.
  3. Yes, because music requires so much math knowledge.
  4. Definitely not. It’s actually knowing math that helps us learn to play music.

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