WONDER #661: Do All Whales Have Bumpy Skin?

Question 1 of 3

This Wonder was mostly about...

  1. the largest whales in the world.
  2. why experts classify whales and dolphins as mammals.
  3. why whales sometimes have bumps, scars, and hair on their skin.
  4. the best places to visit if you want to see whales.

Question 2 of 3

Due to ozone depletion, many scientists believe it’s now possible for whales to get _______________ when they surface to breathe.

  1. more food
  2. sunburned
  3. carbon dioxide
  4. lost

Question 3 of 3

Like other mammals, whales are ______________.

  1. warm-blooded
  2. covered in scales
  3. cold-blooded
  4. able to fly

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