WONDER #900: What Is a Jet Stream?

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According to this WONDER, why do winds form?

  1. Because of the rotation of Earth.
  2. When colder air tries to move toward warmer air, winds form.
  3. In the winter they move north.
  4. Both A and B.

Question 2 of 3

According to this WONDER, which professions pay a lot of attention to the jet streams?

  1. Meteorologists, cyclists, and motorists.
  2. Pilots, avian enthusiasts, and hikers.
  3. Meteorologists, pilots, and airline officials.
  4. Airline officials, pilots, and motorists.

Question 3 of 3

Jet streams affect worldwide weather patterns by . . .

  1. rapidly pushing weather systems from one area to another.
  2. slowing the rate weather patterns move.
  3. constantly changing.
  4. letting people walk in the jet stream.

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