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Lights! Camera! Binky! Action! What? Binky? You usually don't hear that in the moments before shooting a big Hollywood movie scene!

But you might hear those words if the scene involves a baby or a child actor. When you think of actors and actresses, you probably think of big-name movie stars, such as Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, and the like.

If you think about some of your favorite movies, though, you'll soon realize that many movies and television shows feature babies and young children. They can't use adults for those roles, so who fills them? That's right! Real babies and younger children can be movie stars, too!

Some of today's biggest movie stars got their start when they were just children. They might have acted in commercials or television shows before moving on to the big screen. Can you think of any movie stars that started as children?

What about some of your favorite movies? Do you like the Harry Potter movies? Have you seen the very first one? Do you remember how young the children were in that first movie? Look at them now! They're all grown up!

If you're young and you have an interest in acting, how can you get started? First, you should realize that, although acting can be fun, it's hard work and not as easy as it looks. Just because a baby or child is cute, that doesn't mean that he or she will be a natural in front of the movie camera.

And naturals are what Hollywood directors are looking for. Don't worry about acting classes at a young age. If a movie script calls for a baby or a child to fill a role, a director will want a baby or child that acts like a baby or a young child — not a miniature acting professional!

If you really want to act, though, it will help if you live in New York City or Los Angeles. After all, those are the two cities with the largest movie production industries in the United States. It's possible to find acting jobs in other areas, but it might be much harder to find work.

Of course, you don't have to set your sights on a big Hollywood movie to start with. You can act anywhere you happen to be. Does your school have an annual play or a drama club? Get started there!

Perhaps your community has a drama organization that produces plays occasionally. Look around and see what live performances are happening in your area. Research those groups and you never know what opportunities might pop up!

If you can't find an acting opportunity nearby, make your own! Write your own script and film yourself. With a smartphone with video capability, you can film yourself and upload it to a popular video website, such as Vimeo or YouTube. You could be the next Internet sensation!

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