Today’s Wonder of the Day was inspired by Anaya. Anaya Wonders, “can some plants grow in winter” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Anaya!

Have you ever noticed how many things change with the seasons? From weather to the time of day, nothing stays quite the same as we move around the Sun. Tides rise, leaves fall, and plant life goes through perhaps the most changes of all.

Spring brings sprouting plants. Summer ushers in full blooms, and fall means harvest time. But what about winter? It’s no secret that many plants don’t live through the cold season. But can anything grow in winter?

That depends on where you live. Why? Because different regions experience different climates! For example, areas near the equator often have mild winters. Most plants may grow well year-round in these regions. For those that see freezing temperatures, though, it’s a different story! 

Have you ever helped grow a garden? If so, you may have heard of hardiness zones. Each zone is a geographic area in which certain plants are likely to grow well. They also give planting tips for gardening during the different seasons, including winter. 

Regardless of which hardiness zone you live in, certain plants do tend to do better in cold weather than others. Flowers such as violas and crocuses are good options. So are snowdrops, hellebores, and heather. Even some types of roses can grow and bloom in winter.

How about a winter vegetable garden? Peppers, tomatoes, and beans grow best in spring and summer. Still, some other plants can grow in mild winters. Root vegetables like garlic, carrots, and radishes grow well in cold temperatures. So do leafy greens like collards, kale, and cabbage. 

However, even most cold crops grow best if they’re protected from frost and freezing temperatures. Many gardeners do this by covering the plants with plastic sheets when temperatures drop. Others move their crops to a greenhouse for the season.

Even in regions that experience harsh winters, it’s possible to grow plants. You just have to keep them indoors! Caring for houseplants is a great way to flex your green thumb during cold weather. Many people also sow seeds indoors for use in their spring gardens over the winter months.

What is winter like where you live? Do you enjoy mild temperatures all year round? Or are you looking forward to the possibility of snowy days spent building forts and drinking hot chocolate? Whatever your winter experience, there are plenty of ways to continue growing plants!

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