Today’s Wonder of the Day was inspired by Everett. Everett Wonders, “When did producers start putting easter eggs in their movies?” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Everett!

Have you ever found an Easter egg in your favorite movie? What about a TV show? We're not talking about the Easter eggs you gather in baskets. We're looking for Easter eggs on the big screen!

Easter eggs on the screen are references, inside jokes, or clues. We look for them in movies, television shows, and video games. They're called "Easter eggs" because searching for them is like going on an Easter egg hunt.

Much of the time, Easter eggs are references to other movies, shows, or books. Many of these allusions are inside jokes that only some members of the audience will understand. Did you notice Nemo in "Toy Story 3"? How about the carving of Sulley in "Brave"? Pixar movies often include references to other films that only some viewers will notice. These Easter eggs can be difficult to find! If you aren't familiar with the movie, show, or book being referenced, you'll likely miss them.

Easter eggs on the big screen can also be clues about what will happen. Called foreshadowing, these hints sometimes make little sense until the end of the movie or episode. For instance, a "Harry Potter" fan might understand the significance of how often the number seven comes up in the series -- seven books, seven Weasley children, and seven players on a Quidditch team, among others. Only fans who stick around to the end and give the series a good deal of thought will notice these Easter eggs.

Are you ready to hunt for Easter eggs? They can be difficult to find! The best strategy is to watch movies or TV shows with your friends and family. The more people who watch together, the more combined knowledge you have. Even if only one person in the group finds the Easter egg, he or she can explain it to everyone else. That way, the whole group is in on the secret!

Creators of movies and TV shows know that Easter eggs can help keep fans interested. Finding Easter eggs helps audiences feel more connected to the movie or TV show they enjoy. When you catch a reference or feel you're part of an inside joke, you enjoy it that much more.

If you have a hard time spotting Easter eggs, have no fear! Easter eggs are never essential to understanding the plot of a movie or TV show. People who create entertainment know not everyone will find their Easter eggs. They always make sure you can understand what's happening without finding them!

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