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Do you dream of being famous one day? Perhaps you'd like to be a musician who sells millions of records. Maybe you think it would be cool to be an actor in a summer blockbuster that lights up the silver screen. Or you might dream of inventing the next technological marvel that takes the Internet to the next level.

If you do dream of becoming famous one day, you're not alone. Millions of people are driven to do what they do by a desire to be in the spotlight. Whether it's the money, the glamour, or the attention, fame is something that nearly everyone dreams about at one time or another. Who knows? Even a dog might dream of one day becoming a famous singer!

So if fame is your dream, how do you make it happen? If you think about all the famous people in the world, you'll quickly realize that fame comes in many shapes and forms.

Some people become famous because of their natural talents. These people might be famous for singing, acting, or hitting a baseball. Your natural beauty might even lead you to become a famous supermodel one day.

Other people may become famous for things they do — both good and bad. You certainly wouldn't want to become famous for doing something illegal and getting caught! However, being famous for saving someone's life might not be a bad thing. Becoming famous for behavior in certain circumstances is often just a matter of lucky timing…and thus not necessarily something you could plan for.

Perhaps you have superior intelligence or a special talent that could lead to fame one day. Could you invent something that would revolutionize the way people live in the future? That would probably make you a household name. Or you might be able to set a world record of some sort that would get your name in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Of course, in today's world of technology and sudden Internet fame, you might become famous merely by posting a funny video of you and your friends being silly that goes viral. Internet websites, such as YouTube, have made many people “Internet famous" for a short period of time.

You could also grow up and marry someone who becomes famous. Their fame might bring you fame of your own. Still other people might apply and be chosen to be part of the next big hit reality show on television.

As you can see, there are many paths to fame in this day and age. You can't control luck, and your talents might not always lead to the kind of fame you hope for. For example, dreaming of playing in the major leagues doesn't mean you'll be famous, even if you make it to the big leagues. The vast majority of professional athletes never make it to the Hall of Fame for their particular sport, even though they might enjoy some of the benefits of fame while they're an active player.

Even if you become famous, fame doesn't always last long. Way back in 1968, artist Andy Warhol wrote his famous quote about fame: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." His quote was a comment on the fickle — and fleeting — nature of fame. Can you think of any “one hit wonders" in the music world? What about an Internet sensation that's now yesterday's news?

When you think of examples of fleeting fame, it's easy to see how becoming famous doesn't always mean you'll experience the types of things you might dream about, such as piles of money and a life of luxury. In fact, famous people would be the first to tell you that being famous often comes with a hefty price tag.

Do you watch the news often? Have you seen the tabloid newspaper headlines when you're checking out at the grocery store? Famous people have their lives put under a microscope. Everything they do is subject to discussion. All their actions are questioned. They often can't move about freely for fear of being photographed by the paparazzi.

In addition to the constant scrutiny, famous people often face higher expectations and different standards than the rest of us. Ask any musician who's had a hit album. Fans expect more and better music all the time. For some famous people, the pressure is simply too much. Some retreat from the public limelight and run from their fame.

So will you become famous one day? Maybe! But don't pursue fame for fame's sake. Pursue your dreams of doing what you want to do. Focus on what you're good at and be the best you can be. If fame comes, great! Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy its benefits without the negative consequences that come with it. And even if you don't become world-famous, you can still make a big difference in people's lives!

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