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Do you like to look back at old pictures from when you were just a baby? We bet some of your family members do! Of course, those pictures can be embarrassing if they’re brought out when your friends are around. One day, though, they will be precious treasures that you’ll always want to keep.

How do you keep track of memories? Good times with friends and families are things we’ll want to remember forever. Unfortunately, our human brains tend to forget things over time. How can we preserve those memories for the future?

If you have a cell phone, there’s a good chance it might have a camera in it. Unlike the bulky cameras in the past that used film, today’s digital cameras allow you to capture memories instantly. You can even share them with friends via social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, immediately.

An old adage you may have heard goes something like this: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” That can certainly be true. What might take you a thousand—or more!—words might be able to be summed up in one great photograph.

Of course, pictures can’t always completely sum up an experience and how you feel about it. In those instances, how do you capture those memories? Why not use words? For example, it can be hard to get a picture of how someone makes you feel. Sometimes words are the only thing that can adequately express the deepest feelings of your heart.

At those times, let the words flow. You can write in a diary or journal. You could write a poem or a short story. You could even combine pictures and words in a scrapbook page. Many people make scrapbooks to tell the story of what occurs in their pictures.

Today’s modern technology offers all sorts of other ways to capture memories. Many smartphones that can take pictures can also take videos. What’s better than a picture? Sometimes a bunch of pictures moving together captures an event more thoroughly than any single picture ever could.

If you attend a concert, a picture or words might not be able fully to capture the memory. In those instances, an audio recording might be a better memento. Some artists release live recordings of their concerts through their websites. Concertgoers can experience their shows over and over again.

Pictures, videos, writings, audio recordings . . . these are all fantastic ways to capture memories. Sometimes, though, particular things can sum up memories more than these other ways. Mementos of an occasion can often be the best reminder of all.

Did you take a great family vacation to a beach? Were able to hunt for sharks’ teeth or seashells on the shallow waters off the coast? Pictures or videos might help you remember those good times. But a small jar full of the things you collected might be the best reminder of all.

As you and your friends and family make new memories together, always give some thought to what things you want to remember. Think about how best to commemorate those times. Collect mementos, snap photos and videos, and write about your experiences. It may sound like work now, but solidifying memories in these ways is a labor of love when the memories are especially precious!

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