Today’s Wonder of the Day was inspired by Wonderer. Wonderer Wonders, “Is trade school right for me?” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Wonderer!

Do you ever think about what job you might have when you’re older? There are plenty of WONDERful careers out there. Maybe you’ll be a teacher or a nurse. Perhaps you’ll make a great salesperson or chef! Whatever you choose to do, we’re sure you’ll be great at it.

Many jobs require extra training or education beyond high school. In some cases, you’ll need a diploma or certificate from a trade school. Also called a vocational school, trade schools have programs that range in length. Some might be completed in eight months, while others take two years.

What can you study at a trade school? You can learn the skills you need to work in several fields. Are you interested in medical work? You could study to become a pharmacy technician or dental hygienist. Enjoy working with your hands? Learn to be a welder or aircraft mechanic. Let’s look at a few other careers you could train for at a trade school.

Many people go to trade school to become electricians. They learn to work on electrical systems in buildings. Electricians are the people who make sure homes, schools, and businesses are powered. Most also become apprentices for on-the-job training.

Another job people train for in trade school is that of a paralegal. They do a range of work in the legal system. Paralegals often take on office management duties. They also help lawyers with research and preparing for trial. They can learn how to perform all of these tasks in trade school.

Trade schools also help prepare people for careers in plumbing. On the job, plumbers design, install, and repair water systems for buildings. Some plumbers also work with gas appliances. Like electricians, many plumbers complete apprenticeships as well as trade school.

Dental hygienists also go to trade school. They help teach people to keep their teeth and gums healthy. They work with dentists to find cavities. They also have an important role in identifying other oral health problems.

Many people also go to a trade school to study cosmetology. They go on to have careers in hair, skin, and nail services. They may become hair stylists, manicurists, or even makeup artists. Cosmetology is a great career path for creative people.

Trade school graduates also often become entrepreneurs. Some cosmetologists open their own salons. Plumbers and electricians also sometimes open their own businesses. Many trade school programs could lead you into business ownership one day.

Does trade school sound like the right fit for you? What would you study? There are many career paths after trade school. Do some research of your own. You might just find your future career!

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