Today’s Wonder of the Day was inspired by Lana. Lana Wonders, “How many more Years until our World is Advanced enough to make flying cars, robot maids, self automated houses, and etc.?” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Lana!

If you look closely, you'll see that our world is getting smarter all the time. Have you ever WONDERed how much easier life would be if your home was smarter?

How can a home be smart? A Smart Home is one that's controlled by a group of connected devices. These devices work together to control things like temperature, lighting, security, and entertainment. Most Smart Homes are controlled from a remote or phone.

Imagine being at a restaurant and seeing who is knocking on the door at home. Many Smart Homes have a smart security system. Smart security systems make it easy to see and even communicate through home cameras from anywhere. Have you ever locked your keys inside your home? Not a problem! Smart security systems can even lock or unlock the front door without a key!

When it's cold outside, most people want their homes to be extra warm. In a Smart Home, smart thermostats use a system called IFTTT ("If this, then that") to learn from habits. Smart thermostats learn that IF someone is about to be home, THEN the home should be warm and toasty! It will remember what time people arrive each day and make sure it's nice and warm when they walk in.

Smart light bulbs change color in a snap. An entire room can be suddenly full of blue, green, or pink light! Normally, changing brightness or color requires a ladder and a new bulb. Instead, smart bulbs change with just the press of a button.

Smart speakers also make homes smarter. They listen for a special word and then follow the command given. A smart speaker might respond to "Please play my favorite music" or "Remind me to finish my homework later." These are just a few ways these devices help people out.

Living in a Smart Home might sound like paradise! However, making a home smarter also comes with drawbacks. A slow internet connection would be frustrating in a Smart Home. Imagine not being able to turn on the lights because the internet connection stopped working!

People also worry that Smart Homes store so much personal data. Like the smart thermostat, some smart devices will keep track of when residents leave and arrive at home again. Others will store information about social media accounts or location. As homes become smarter, protecting privacy becomes more difficult.

As time goes on, we're sure to find even more ways to make homes smarter! People are already adding smart refrigerators and ovens. What will be next?

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