Today’s Wonder of the Day was inspired by liz. liz Wonders, “Where is Cyberspace?” Thanks for WONDERing with us, liz!

Sometimes people want to know where Wonderopolis is. Do you know? You may visit Wonderopolis while you’re at home or at school. However, Wonderopolis isn’t in either of those places. It also isn’t on the bus, in the library, or even on the North Pole! However, you can visit Wonderopolis from any of those places. 

That’s because Wonderopolis is in cyberspace! You can go to Wonderopolis anytime, no matter where you are. You just need access to the Internet. As soon as you’re connected, whoosh! You’re off to Wonderopolis.

But where exactly is cyberspace? Is it in the clouds? Is it higher up, in outer space? Or could it be deep underground? Actually, cyberspace is all around you!

The term “cyberspace” started with author William Gibson. He used the word to describe a network of computers that would link all people and machines. He was describing a sort of virtual reality that could be navigated much like the real world.

Sounds a lot like the Internet, doesn’t it? Many think of cyberspace and the Internet as the same thing. The Internet makes online communication possible. This happens in a virtual environment. At times, that virtual world can seem more real than the actual world around you.

Even though cyberspace isn’t a real place, there are pieces of it everywhere. The computers you connect to when you surf the Internet can be anywhere in the world. Of course, that means they can also be in the building right next to you, too!

The tools that make cyberspace run aren’t as important as the interactions they make possible. Cyberspace is more about a new form of Internet culture that is created when people use these technological tools.

In other words, it’s not the “stuff” that makes up cyberspace. Instead, it’s what this “stuff” makes possible. And that’s a lot. Most importantly, it’s communication between people. Whether through email, social media, or other messaging tools, cyberspace is a place where people interact

This is a virtual reality we all experience daily. We use the word “cyberspace“ to describe it. That makes it seem more like the real world we live in. Cyberspace describes this virtual world we “live” in apart from our real, physical world.

Do you email with friends or family members? Or would you rather talk to them on social media? Do you leave comments on your favorite Wonders of the Day? These are all ways to interact in the virtual world we call cyberspace!

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