Are you talented? If you don't know it yet, the answer to that question is “Yes!" All of us have unique talents. Some of you may already know you have certain talents. Others may not have discovered their talents…yet.

When some kids think of talents, they may think of musical talents, such as playing an instrument or singing. Many people are gifted musically. Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we didn't have beautiful music to sing along to?

Other kids might think of their favorite sports heroes. Sometimes people are talented at a particular sport. Others may be natural athletes who are talented at several sports. When people use their natural talents to play sports, they not only have fun but they also provide a lot of entertainment for those who like to watch sports.

Music and sports are only two areas in which you might be talented. There are many, many other areas where your talents might lie. You could be an artist, an actor, a teacher, a writer, a public speaker, a comedian — the list can go on and on.

Some kids may discover their talents when they're really young. For others, though, it may be a learning process that takes years, even into their adult years. Whenever you begin to sense that you're talented in a certain area, explore it!

Exploration through learning is one of the best ways to discover your talents. Be open to trying new things. You've probably heard many times that you don't know whether you'll be good at something until you try. That's true!

By being open to new experiences and trying things outside our comfort zones, we expand our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. We also put ourselves in a position to grow — mentally, physically and spiritually.

Some kids are afraid to try new things because of a fear of failure. Sure, you might fail at something the first time you try it. But that's OK. You'll never know until you try. More importantly, though, trying gives you the chance to succeed. Sometimes when we try something new, we're rewarded with the discovery of a hidden talent!

Once you discover your talent — or talents — see where they might take you. Some talents can lead to a future career. Others might simply be an enjoyable hobby. Either way, be thankful for your talents and use them to the best of your ability!

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