Has anyone ever told you to pick up a penny only if you see the head side up? Or, have you ever thrown a coin into a fountain and made a wish? If so, you've probably WONDERed if coins can bring good luck. Around the world there are many traditions, myths, and legends specifically around coins and how certain actions with them can lead to greater prosperity.

In Rome, throwing coins into a fountain was thought to bring you good fortune. Whenever someone in Rome came near the Trevi Fountain, they would throw a coin into the fountain. However, people did not just simply toss a coin into the fountain. They would turn completely around so their back was facing the fountain. They would also hold the coin or coins in their right hand and toss the coins over their left shoulder with the coin landing clearly in the fountain basin. The legend is one coin thrown into the fountain ensures you will return to Rome, two coins leads to new romance, and three coins leads to marriage.

In China, the lucky money toad or Chan-Chu is thought to bring wealth and protect one from financial disasters. If you ever see Chan-Chu on a full moon, it is thought you will hear good news about your finances. The more money frogs you have, the more luck you will have.

In Ireland, some people put a penny in their pocket. Many believe that this simple act will bring them good fortune. Connemara is a district in the western part of Ireland, near the Barna Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, where one can find Connemara marble. Beautiful jewelry is often made out of this green stone. Some of the jewelry includes the lucky penny encased in the marble. When the penny is encased in this marble, some say it is even luckier than the penny in your pocket.

So…next time you find a coin, pick it up. All day long you'll have good luck!

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