Today’s Wonder of the Day was inspired by Kerrin. Kerrin Wonders, “about disabled people because I was able to work with them” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Kerrin!

Do you or any of your friends at school have a disability? Disabilities come in many different forms. Some people with a disability may have trouble walking or moving in certain ways, while others may have difficulty communicating, learning, or sensing the world around them with their eyes or ears.

If you have a disability, what do you or they want to do with your life? Do your friends want to be a doctor or a lawyer? Perhaps you'd rather be a coach, a teacher, or a marine biologist. Some people with disabilities may even want to be artists!

Can they do these things? Of course, they can! Having a disability may limit their ability to do certain things in certain ways, but most people with disabilities don't let these limitations stop them from achieving their dreams.

With the help of modern technology, many people with disabilities are able to do things they never thought possible. The passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990 also opened new doors for the disabled by preventing discrimination and increasing accommodations.

The arts capture the hearts of many people, including those with disabilities. For some people with disabilities, art therapy programs can help them learn to use art as a creative outlet for their struggles with their disabilities.

Some people with disabilities want to use their talents to become professional artists. There are art studios that specialize in helping people with disabilities realize their dreams of making a living from their art.

Artists with disabilities may even use their creative works to explore and highlight what life is like for people with disabilities. Known as disability art, these works help to explain in various ways what life with a disability is like.

Disability art can come in any form, including plays, films, dances, paintings, sculptures, etc. The works can be intensely personal, sharing the particular experience of the artists, or they can take a wider view of the political issues relevant to those with disabilities.

Artists who create disability art often seek to challenge stereotypes and traditional representations of those with disabilities. Rather than portraying them as objects of inspiration, pity, fear, or curiosity, they attempt to educate others about the diversity of disability culture in terms of type of impairment, race, class, gender, etc.

Just as many things in life may be more difficult because of a disability, the route to becoming an artist can be a struggle for a disabled person. However, with more and more disabled artists paving the way, the future is brighter than ever for those with disabilities who want to share their experiences through art.

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