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Have you ever heard the phrase “birds of a feather flock together”? If you’ve ever watched birds in nature, you know that the saying holds true. If you see a flock of birds flying together, it’s made up of the same kind of birds.

For example, you might see a group of sparrows flying together. You usually won’t see a sparrow, a seagull, a buzzard, a cardinal, and a crow together. That sure would be a sight, though, wouldn’t it?

So why do birds flock together? Scientists believe that birds tend to fly and hang out together in flocks because there’s safety in numbers. Flocking together helps birds to stay safe from predators.

One bird alone might be easy for a predator, such as a cat, to attack. However, a cat wouldn’t stand much of a chance against a flock of 10 or more birds.

Did you know that people sometimes behave the same way? It’s true! “Birds of a feather flock together” is an old proverb that is often used to describe groups of people.

A proverb is an old saying that’s considered to be wise or good advice. “Birds of a feather flock together” has been around in the English language since the mid-1500s.

When applied to people, this phrase means that people who are similar to each other or share similar interests tend to spend time with each other. You’ve probably noticed this at school. The friends that you hang out with are probably similar to you or like the same things that you do.

It’s only natural for people with similar interests to hang out together. However, it doesn’t have to mean that you only spend time with the same people. People have many different interests, so you may be part of many different groups.

For example, if you play soccer, you may hang out with your soccer teammates from time to time. But you might also love to play chess, which means you might also hang out with friends who are on the chess team at school. It’s great to have friends who share your interests—it can make any activity that much more fun!

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