Today’s Wonder of the Day was inspired by Savannah from AL. Savannah Wonders, “Why cant penguins be pets?” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Savannah!

Do you have a pet? Many kids have pets at home. Dogs and cats are some of the most popular pets. But many kids also have other types of pets, such as fish, birds, or turtles.

Pets can make life more enjoyable. They bring a smile to your face when you see them. Many pets enjoy playing in the yard and spending time with you and your family and friends. Pets often become family members that go wherever you go.

Of course, some people have pets that are a little more unique and interesting than your average dog or cat. These pets are sometimes called exotic pets. Not every animal can be domesticated and kept as a pet, but that doesn't keep some people from trying!

Here are some of the most intriguing exotic pets you're likely to come across:

  • Capybara: Think of a giant guinea pig and you'll have an idea of what the capybara looks like. It's the largest rodent in the world, measuring up to four feet long and weighing more than 100 pounds. If you want one as a pet, you'll need to make sure it has plenty of room to roam and a swimming pool to swim in, since it's a semi-aquatic creature!
  • Miniature donkey: These donkeys don't talk like the donkey in Shrek, but they tend to be loving pets that are great with children. Even though the word “miniature" is in their name, they're not always small! These little donkeys can grow up to three feet tall and weigh between 200 and 350 pounds.
  • Pygmy goat: Abraham Lincoln kept a pet goat at the White House when he was President. Standard dairy goats aren't kept as pets much anymore, but pygmy goats have become popular due to their small size and friendly nature.
  • Potbellied pig: Unlike the 2,000-pound, farm-variety pig, potbellied pigs are small and easy to train. They also tend to be mostly odor-free. Like their relatives on the farm, though, they can easily become overweight, so it's best to give them a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.
  • Skunk: That's right! People keep skunks as pets. How do they put up with the smell? They don't! Pet skunks have their scent glands removed when they're babies.

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