Do you like to wear jewelry? A beautiful necklace can be the perfect addition to a nice outfit. A homemade bracelet from a friend might be one of your favorite things to wear. Perhaps you have a ring or two that you like to wear to give your hands a little bling?

Some people prefer to wear their jewelry in their ears. But we're not talking about sticking cotton swabs in your ear and calling it jewelry. Nope. We're talking about pierced ears!

Do you have pierced ears? Many girls look forward to the day when they'll be old enough to get their ears pierced. Pierced ears aren't just for girls, though. Many boys and men choose to pierce their ears, too.

One thing many children worry about when thinking about piercing their ears is whether or not it will hurt. If you like your earlobes just the way they are, the thought of poking a sharp metal object through them might make you shiver.

Don't worry, though! Today's modern ear piercing machines make the process of getting your ears pierced a quick — and fairly painless — event. Pierced ears have existed for thousands of years. Long ago, though, the process of piercing was probably a painful proposition.

Today, though, numbing agents are used to numb the earlobes. Piercing machines pierce the earlobe and insert an earring simultaneously in a process that takes mere seconds. Most children don't feel much more than a tiny pinch!

If you're wondering when children should be allowed to get their ears pierced, it's really a matter of personal preference. Most parents have their own feelings about what an appropriate age would be.

In general, many children can get their ears pierced only when they're old enough to care for their pierced ears properly. Pierced ears require careful cleaning until they're healed. Once they've healed, pierced ears don't require much maintenance, but children should also be able to insert and remove earrings on their own.

When you first get your ears pierced, you should leave the earrings in until your ears are completely healed. This will keep the holes from growing closed and prevent infections. Keeping your ears clean will also reduce the chance of your ears getting infected.

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