Which foods make your personal Top 10 list of favorite foods? If we had to guess, we'd bet that most kids would have lists that include foods like chicken nuggets, French fries, cheeseburgers, and ice cream.

But there's one other food that would probably also make nearly every kid's list of favorite foods: pizza. Delicious crust covered in spicy sauce and melted cheese and topped with a wide variety of meat and vegetables…mmm…can you smell and taste it in your imagination?

Pizza comes in all sorts of varieties and you can find it so many places. Pizza tends to be a school lunch that most students look forward to. You can also buy frozen pizzas that you can cook at home. You can even find hot slices of pizza for sale at convenience stores.

There's nothing quite like piping-hot pizza served fresh out of the oven of an authentic pizzeria, however. Have you ever been to a real pizzeria where you can watch your pizza being made from scratch?

If so, you may have noticed pizza chefs tossing pizza dough into the air as they shape it into a circular crust. There's something kind of magical about watching a real pro toss pizza dough high into the air over and over again.

Is tossing pizza dough into the air all for show? Although it's indeed entertaining, tossing pizza dough in the air has a real practical purpose that makes homemade pizza from a pizzeria a cut above other types of pizza.

Tossing pizza dough in the air turns out to be the most gentle, efficient way to extend the dough and create a round shape with uniform thickness without tearing the dough. It also helps the dough retain moisture, which gives pizzeria pizzas their signature crispy crusts.

Tossing pizza dough looks easy when the pros do it, but it can be a difficult skill to master. Rotation is key, and experts liken tossing pizza dough to putting the perfect spin on a basketball or Frisbee.

Some professional pizza chefs have taken tossing pizza dough to the next level. They've turned it into a competition that involves amazing feats of pizza dough acrobatics that amaze and entertain viewers.

Each year at the International Pizza Expo, competitors in the World Pizza Games compete in a variety of events, including freestyle acrobatic dough tossing, fastest dough, largest dough stretch, fastest pizza box folding, and the pizza triathlon. The most-skilled dough tossers can keep a dough in the air for several minutes while rolling it across their back and doing a variety of other tricks.

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