Do you like movies? Who doesn't right? There's nothing quite like grabbing a big tub of buttered popcorn, relaxing in a comfortable seat and watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster jump out of the silver screen at you!

Have you ever stopped to WONDER, though, about how many people it takes to make a movie? If you're like most kids, you've probably enjoyed surfing online video sites to watch funny videos. Some of your friends have probably even made their own homemade movies that they've uploaded online for you and their other friends to watch.

If you have a video camera or a smartphone with video capability, you know that all you need is one person — you! — and a few seconds to create your own short movie. But what about those big-screen adventures you pay money to see in the theaters?

Well, those movies take a lot more than one person and a few minutes! In fact, would you believe that some of the biggest blockbuster movies take years to plan, months to shoot and thousands of people to create? It's true!

Of course, the exact number of people needed to make a movie depends upon the type of movie you're making. A short film that only shows one actor speaking directly to the camera would require only a few people at the most. On the other hand, a three-hour action movie with tons of special effects shot on location around the world could require thousands of people!

Let's take a closer look at some of the things you need to make a movie. To start with, you need a story. This usually takes the form of a written script, which is like a story with dialog and additional direction as to what action should take place during each scene. A script requires a screenwriter or sometimes even an entire team of writers.

Before a script can be written, a story idea has to come from somewhere. The ideas for stories can come from any source. Movies have been made from books, plays, television shows, and plenty of original ideas that just got their start inside someone's head.

A producer will come across an idea and start putting together all the elements to get a movie made. This can include securing financing for the movie, as well as choosing the cast and crew who will make the movie.

One of the most important roles in filmmaking is the director. The director is the person mainly responsible for turning the story into a film, including making many of the creative decisions and directing the cast through the step-by-step filming of the scenes.

Most movies you've seen have many other people involved beyond just the producers, writers and director. Movies require actors, film crews, lighting and sound experts, make-up and costume professionals, stuntmen, extras, editors, technology experts, and a wide variety of other people to do everything from setting up and taking down sets to assisting all of the other people in countless different ways.

When you think about all the jobs that need to be done to make a big-budget movie, it's no WONDER that movies can cost millions and millions of dollars to make. That also helps to explain why movie tickets can be expensive at times!

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