Do you have a wild imagination? Sometimes adults can have a negative attitude about wild imaginations. But not here! In Wonderopolis, we value wild imaginations. It's those wild imaginations that inspire us to WONDER about the things in life worth WONDERing about!

And guess what? There's A LOT of things in this world to WONDER about. We hope you never stop WONDERing…no matter how old you get. If you haven't done so yet…or for a while…share Wonderopolis with an adult in your life. You never know when your love of Wonderopolis will inspire someone else to WONDER alongside you.

Today, we're WONDERing about inspiration. Inspiration is that feeling that strikes you when you're moved to action by something you're passionate about. Inspiration is the driving force that can lead you to take a chance and do something great.

To get anything done, you have to have action. All actions must be motivated by something. Sometimes those motivations aren't all that inspiring. You might study and do homework because you have to. For example, some students do homework and study for tests just to avoid the negative consequences that would naturally follow from not doing those things.

Other students, however, love the subjects they study. A passion for a certain topic, whether it's music or art or social studies or language arts, can make studying and homework something you look forward to, rather than merely survive through.

Adults might go to work each day simply to make enough money to buy food and pay the bills. They might not feel inspired on most days if this is their primary motivation. Others, though, love their jobs and wake up in the morning inspired to do great things at work.

It should come as no surprise that the best ideas, the most creative concepts and the most positive results come from people who are inspired to give their all to whatever task is before them. When you're inspired to do great things, great things usually happen!

Sometimes, inspiration just happens. When you're least expecting it, you see something or hear something or experience something that moves you deeply. That's the purest kind of inspiration and, when it strikes, we encourage you to follow its lead and see where it takes you.

At other times, we may need to manufacture some inspiration. Can you do that? You bet you can! It just takes a little work. Here are a few ideas you can try if you're feeling a little uninspired:

  • Turn to the arts! Listen to your favorite song, read something from your favorite author, or daydream while looking at your favorite painting. You can even take a walk outside to let the natural beauty of the world around you inspire you!
  • Hang out with a friend! Just the act of talking with a friend can inspire you in ways you might not expect. Sharing stories and emotions with a close friend can let you know that you're not alone. You might also learn about common interests that inspire you to do great things together!
  • Try to see the world from a different perspective! Browse Wonderopolis to learn something new. Explore another culture through books or websites. Put yourself in other people's shoes. Seeing things from a different perspective can inspire you to do things differently…and you never know where that can lead!

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