Biographies are a great way to enhance reading skills while exploring history at the same time. But here in Wonderopolis, we don't just explore history — we make our own!

Get ready to do some time-traveling! A mad scientist who calls Wonderopolis home has tinkered with time. It is now possible to travel back and forth between the past and present to meet new people and make new friends — simply by opening a book!

Before you proceed, you will need to choose your adventure (and a bio-buddy)!

Step 1: Choose someone to write about. Your bio-buddy can be an artist, musician, author, war hero, athlete, astronaut, past president or even a family member. The possibilities are endless.

All that matters is that you choose someone who interests you. If you can't think of anyone, features BIO Classroom for inspiration.

Step 2: Find out as much as you can about your bio-buddy. Read books and articles. Research the person on the Internet. If your bio-buddy is someone you know, conduct an interview. Use more than one source to gather facts.

Step 3: Take notes as you research. Be sure to take notes on important discoveries you make about your bio-buddy. You will need this information later.

Step 4: Write a summary of your bio-buddy's life. When was he born? Where did she grow up? What was her family like? What inspired him? What goals has your bio-buddy achieved? What challenges did he have to overcome? Did she invent something? Did he set a record?

Step 5: Write a conclusion. Explain why you chose to learn about this person. Did any of the facts about your bio-buddy's life surprise you?

Wonder What's Next?

Tomorrow we’ll discover how the native peoples of northwest America have found an important use for a tree. Meet you back in Wonderopolis!