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Do you remember when watches just told time? Did you know all speakers use to connect with wires? Even earbuds used to have cords! Okay, some earbuds still have cords. But Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are increasingly popular. Wait, what was that? What’s Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology. Created in 1994, it has changed the way we use many devices since then. Bluetooth connects gadgets so they can be used together. Today, we use Bluetooth in countless ways.

Have you ever been in a car with Bluetooth technology? It’s useful for people who like to hear music or use GPS while they drive. Bluetooth connects their phones to the car stereo without a cord. Their favorite music flows right through the speakers. They can even hear directions to where they’re going!

Speaking of music, have you ever used Bluetooth headphones or earbuds? If you like to exercise to music, this is huge. People no longer need to worry about tripping over cords as they run! Instead, wireless earbuds deliver music from the phone that’s in their pocket.

Bluetooth comes standard on many other gadgets, including laptops, printers, and TVs. However, the technology has one major limitation. If a device is too far away from the one it’s linked to, it doesn’t work. That’s why early Apple Watches didn’t work if they weren’t close to the user’s iPhone.

Wouldn’t it be annoying for music to cut out while you’re listening? Or for a speaker to stop when you just walk into the next room? What if you couldn‘t control your TV from the distant couch? This is the reality for many Bluetooth users today.

Luckily, those days could soon be over! The newest Bluetooth technology makes it easier to stay connected. Called Bluetooth 5.0, the technology’s latest form has a range four times larger than its former version. Need to walk away from your phone? No problem! Walk four times farther from your phone and your Bluetooth headphones will still play music!

Bluetooth 5.0 is also twice as fast. It can carry eight times the amount of data of the former version, too. One of its main goals is to better connect devices in smart homes. Have you ever wanted to connect your phone to the microwave? How about the stove to the microwave? No problem! As the Internet of Things grows, Bluetooth will become even more useful.

Today, 10 billion devices use Bluetooth. That makes it the most common wireless technology. It even beats WiFi! Still, new applications are added every year. Who knows how prevalent Bluetooth could be in the future?

Do you use Bluetooth? You may use it without even realizing it. Have you ever used a wireless game controller? How about a wireless keyboard? Many wireless devices connect using Bluetooth. What other ways could Bluetooth make life easier?

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