Hey Wonder Friends! Look up in the sky! Do you see that rainbow? We almost missed it, but our friend — Roy G. Biv — pointed it out.

Do you know Roy? If you've ever studied colors, rainbows, or light in school, then you've probably heard of Roy.

Roy is actually not a person at all. Roy G. Biv is a mnemonic device that kids have used for years to remember the order of the colors in the light spectrum:

R - red

O - orange

Y - yellow

G - green

B - blue

I - indigo

V - violet

Get it? Roy G. Biv! He's quite a colorful guy.

When light hits a prism, such as drops of moisture in the atmosphere, it gets split into different wavelengths that we see as the different colors of the color spectrum. That's why we see the colors of the rainbow the way we do after it rains and the sun comes out!

Colors make our world a WONDERful place to live in. Vivid blue skies…brilliant green grass…radiant red roses…could you imagine living in a world without color?

Colors provide much more than mere beauty, though. Did you realize that colors play important roles in the world? It's true!

Colors can sway our emotions. They can cause reactions and alter our behavior. How? Think about all the ways colors are used to communicate in our world today.

If you've ever gone for a ride in the car, you know that colors have very important meanings. What does red mean? (Stop!) How about green? (Go!) Yellow? (Be careful!)

And how about emotions? What feelings do you associate with different colors? How about red? (Love!) Green? (Peace and calm.)

Colors can even be used to identify clothing for different people. If you see a baby blanket that's blue, who's it for? (A boy!) What about a pink blanket? (A girl!)

The next time you see a rainbow, take some time to appreciate the many colors within it. What feelings do they inspire within you? Whether or not there's gold at the end of that rainbow, the rainbow itself is the true treasure!

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