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How do you relax and clear your mind? Do you like to go for a long walk and let your feet wander? Sometimes not knowing where you’re going is the best place to get somewhere you’ve never been!

The Earth is a huge place full of magical spots that can take your breath away. Can you imagine being the first person to see some of Earth’s most amazing sights?

What would it have been like to be the first to see the Pacific Ocean? Or the Rocky Mountains? How about the rainforests of South America? Perhaps the rushing waters of the Nile River?

It must have been amazing to be the first person to see those things. But you can still experience something similar today. How? Wander around! The Earth’s sights can still take your breath away. 

There are many examples of amazing sights the Earth has to offer. For example, Mount Roraima is a tabletop mountain that spans the borders of Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela. It has tall, sheer cliffs on all sides. This makes it quite a challenge to climb, even for experienced climbers. Its cliffs are also home to some of the most amazing waterfalls in the world!

If you ever find yourself in Yemen near the Arabian Sea, don’t miss Socotra! This area is one of the strangest-looking places on Earth. Because of its isolated, harsh climate, Socotra is home to many plants that can’t be found anywhere else. Take time to lounge under the Dragon’s Blood Tree, which has an interesting umbrella shape. This tree “bleeds” a colorful red sap.

Two hours off the coast of Sydney, Australia, you’ll find a remote paradise. It’s called Lord Howe Island. Only 400 people at a time are allowed to visit the island. They explore its beautiful beaches, private lagoons, coral reefs, volcanic peaks, and dense rainforests. If you daydream about a tropical paradise, Lord Howe Island would surely fit the bill!

If colder weather is your cup of tea, you can’t beat sailing along Sognefjord. It’s longest fjord in Norway, at 127 miles long. The waters reach nearly a mile deep in places. And some of the surrounding peaks stretch about the same distance into the sky!

If you stay on the Earth’s surface, well, you’re just scratching the surface (pun totally intended!). The largest known cave system in the world can be found under Kentucky’s Green River Valley. Mammoth Cave boasts almost 400 miles of caves. And only a portion of them have been fully explored!

Where will you wander? Earth is home to so many amazing sights! And you can start anywhere. Even a walk through your neighborhood or local park could lead to an amazing discovery. So go outside—you never know what you’ll see!

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