Have you ever had a pet fish? When it comes to pets, many kids have a pet goldfish at one time or another. If you're just first learning how to care for a pet, you can't beat a goldfish for a first pet. All you need is a glass container, some water, fish food and, of course, a fish!

People who love to watch fish swim often move up from a simple goldfish bowl to a more complex aquarium. Home aquariums can be fun to set up and maintain. You can have all sorts of freshwater and saltwater fish, as well as other types of marine life, including plants.

If you love home aquariums, you might want to consider working at a marine aquarium one day. Marine aquariums are fantastic places to visit as a family, as part of a school field trip or for amusement while on vacation.

Marine aquariums can be humongous. The largest aquariums can hold millions of gallons of water and house thousands of different types of fish and other marine animals and plant life. Have you ever been to visit a marine aquarium? If not, ask an adult or teacher where the nearest marine aquarium is to the city where you live.

Marine aquariums are popular tourist attractions. In a peaceful, comfortable, climate-controlled environment, you can see a wide variety of marine life that you'd otherwise have to travel thousands and thousands of miles to see.

So where would you need to go if you wanted to visit the world's largest aquarium? Georgia residents would tell you to head straight to Atlanta, where you'll find the Georgia Aquarium.

Just how big is the Georgia Aquarium? Very big! It houses over 120,000 animals from over 500 different species in more than 8.5 million gallons of freshwater and saltwater!

The centerpiece of the Georgia Aquarium is a 6.3-million-gallon tank that is the home of two whale sharks, which are the largest fish in the world. The Georgia Aquarium can also boast that it's the home of beluga whales, bottlenose dolphins, hammerhead sharks and manta rays.

Opening to the public in November 2005, the Georgia Aquarium saw its one millionth visitor only 98 days later on March 1, 2006. Since that time, tens of millions of people have enjoyed visiting this fascinating aquarium.

In addition to allowing visitors to see amazing marine life up close, aquariums serve other important purposes. For example, they allow scientists to study marine animals in controlled environments. They also allow scientists to breed and conserve marine species that are endangered.

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