Do you like to watch commercials? If you're like most kids, the answer is probably a loud “No!" Many kids — and adults — see commercials as interruptions of whatever they really want to be watching.

Of course, that's not always the case. Sometimes commercials can be really funny…like commercials featuring clever hamsters playing musical instruments in today's video! If you sit down and think about it, we bet you can think of 5-10 commercials that you really like.

And sometimes you might even look forward to commercials! When? Have you ever watched the Super Bowl? Every year, millions of people look forward to the new and creative commercials that air during the live Super Bowl broadcast.

Have you ever WONDERed why we even have commercials? Well, if it weren't for commercials, you wouldn't be able to watch your favorite sports and other shows on television.

Companies pay large amounts of money every year to broadcast commercials that advertise their goods and services. The money from those commercials helps to pay for the production and airing of the shows you watch.

Commercials are a form of advertising. Advertisements can take on many forms, from television commercials and advertisements in newspapers to emails and handwritten signs. The purpose of advertisements is to get you to buy something, such as a product or service.

Have you ever done any advertising? If you've ever had a lemonade stand and made a sign for it, you've advertised! Likewise, you may have made a sign at one time to let people know that you're available as a babysitter. Letting people know about the goods (lemonade) and services (babysitting) that you have to offer is the best way to get new business!

When it comes to ways to advertise, your imagination is about the only limit. Advertisements can be creative, funny, interesting, intriguing…you name it! If it gets people's attention and helps you sell goods or services, it's a good advertisement!

If you think about the things you see in a typical week, you'll realize that you're surrounded by advertisements all the time: television, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, billboards, signs, movie theaters…the list goes on and on. Advertisements abound everywhere you look!

With so many advertisements competing for your attention, advertisers are always looking for new ways to be creative. This has led some advertisers to engage in what is called guerilla marketing.

Guerilla marketing uses unusual — and usually inexpensive — tactics to draw attention to a particular good, service or cause. Guerilla marketing might involve anything from graffiti and flash mobs to in-store giveaways and viral videos.

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