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Are you creative? While not everyone can be a famous artist, writer, poet, or musician, everyone does have some creativity lurking inside them just waiting to be let out.

That's what Vashti learns in the pages of Peter H. Reynolds' famous picture book The Dot. At first, Vashti believes that she can't draw. Her teacher encourages her to "make a mark and see where it takes you."

Vashti draws a simple dot and her teacher asks her to sign it. When Vashti then sees her dot framed and on display in her teacher's office, she's motivated to make an even better dot. Eventually, she grows in confidence and realizes she is indeed a creative artist.

Millions of children and adults have been inspired by The Dot. Teachers have used the story to encourage creativity and confidence amongst their students. In fact, one teacher, Terry Shay, introduced his entire classroom to The Dot on September 15, 2009.

That simple introduction in one classroom has turned into International Dot Day. Each year on or around September 15, a million or more teachers and students in thousands of classrooms around the globe engage in a worldwide celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration.

What began as a simple story in a picture book has become so much more. As more and more teachers celebrate International Dot Day with their students, entire classrooms are being transformed as children and teachers alike rediscover the power of creativity in the learning process.

As students read or hear Vashti's story, they're encouraged to explore their own creative sides. Teachers motivate them to make their mark and then challenge them to follow up and see where it will take them.

While some students may create a dot like Vashti did or otherwise explore their artistic side through painting, other students may discover all sorts of other creative outlets. There's no one way to celebrate International Dot Day. Some teachers may motivate students to explore diverse areas of creativity, including writing, music, acting, etc.

One other aspect of International Dot Day that has helped it spread across the globe is the interactive, collaborative nature of celebrations. Teachers are encouraged to document and share their International Dot Day celebrations via blogs and social media. In this way, other teachers can be inspired to participate in new and exciting ways in the future.

How will you celebrate International Dot Day? What kind of mark will you make? Where will it take you? We encourage you to explore your creative side with bravery and confidence. As you learn more about yourself and how creative you can be, share what you learn with others. As you pass encouragement along, you will motivate others to enjoy the same journey you've experienced!

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